Corporate and Commercial Law

The economy, its sectors, and the global financial markets are all backed by corporations conducting their day-to-day business. General corporate laws relating to formation, dissolution, and governance require acute attention to detail and a keen eye on deadlines for compliance. Moreover, corporations must weave through many sector-specific regulations, guidelines, contractual terms, and best practices to ensure they do not run afoul of the law. The growth of a business soon becomes its own endeavor as stock market regulations at a State, Federal, and International level require corporations that are ‘going public’ to enter the complicated world of capital markets. In a market economy, corporations are also ‘commodities’ or ‘acquisition targets’ for others in the market, or perhaps they are ‘partners’ for specific projects, which demand collaboration. Contracts serve as the lifeblood for commercial and corporate transactions but require their own brand of knowledge and sometimes demand a manager to simply oversee the paperwork. Whether a business has needs in its formation, governance, transactions, or commercial contracts, the need for a skilled legal team is unquestionable.

The practice of corporate law is ruled by risk mitigation across an entity including its internal functioning and external transactions. To achieve this goal, sophisticated clients require sophisticated law firms, which in turn require personnel that knows exactly what action is to be taken and how to go about it. The GPESR team has a rich knowledge of corporate law firms and their needs, which span decades. Our team’s experience in staffing in the commercial space is dictated by a knowledge of corporate laws, regulatory requirements, and a candidate’s background, to suit a razor-sharp need in a diversified legal field. Select positions we fill within the space include:

  • General Corporate Attorneys
  • Corporate Transactional Attorneys (Mergers, Acquisitions, Amalgamations, Joint Ventures, etc.)
  • Finance Attorneys
  • General Counsels, Assistant General Counsels, In-House Counsels, Staff Attorneys, and others
  • Contract Managers and support staff
  • Corporate Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and other support staff (General & Specialized)
  • Bankruptcy Law Attorneys and legal support staff