Our Services

GreenPoint Executive Search & Recruiting (GPESR), a division of GreenPoint Law & Compliance, is focused on providing temporary and permanent placement services to the legal sector. We provide assistance through all stages of the placement lifecycle, from early consultation to the hiring of the candidate.

GPESR – Custom Permanent Placement Service

GreenPoint’s flagship recruiting service is identifying and recruiting high quality candidates for permanent hire in the legal sector. We take a consultative approach to our hiring process. Our division leaders are experienced attorneys who will discuss your hiring needs with a knowledgeable eye to the legal candidate pool. As a result, GPESR is able to quickly identify the best-suited candidates for our clients’ specific needs and goals. Our process is further enhanced by a team of experienced recruiters with specialized knowledge in the legal, financial, human resources, and technology industries. GPESR ensures that this process results in candidates suitable for immediate hire by employing a rigorous screening process to each candidate before submission to the client.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Litigation and dispute resolution
  • Corporate and commercial law
  • Intellectual property
  • Information technology and data privacy
  • Real estate and commercial real estate
  • Trusts and estates law
  • Taxation law
  • Labor and employment law
  • Conflicts of interests and professional ethics
  • Law firm management professionals
  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI)

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Specialty

Recognizing industry-wide and cultural changes to the commercial landscape, GreenPoint has developed a specialty in DEI initiatives addressing these critical needs. First, we identify and recruit seasoned professionals who have dedicated their careers to managing diversity and inclusion programs. These professionals will help your organization set the tone and execution of a more diverse and inclusive workplace.

In order to facilitate identification of highly qualified candidates, we have developed a global network of DEI professionals. Through our industry relationships, including select law schools and professional organizations, we can readily identify and recruit top-tier candidates who further your firm’s diversity goals. Additionally, GreenPoint can leverage its DEI expertise specifically to help you recruit and retain highly qualified, diverse candidates at the staff and attorney levels.

Temporary Placement Services

As a complementary service to the GPESR permanent placements, we offer clients the option to engage high quality talent on a contractual or temporary basis.  Recognizing that our clients often have project-based needs for skilled talent, GPESR has established a facility that permits clients to select talent and contract with GreenPoint for temporary employees. These contracts can span from a single month up to several years. GreenPoint handles all aspects of the employment terms with the contracted professional and the client firm pays a monthly fee to GreenPoint.  The client does not have to be concerned with employee payroll, withholding, benefits and all other administrative aspects relating to the employment.  The client has full control over the direction and manner in which the work is carried out by the employee.  All work product produced in this environment is owned by the client. 

GPESR also offers a Temp-to-Perm Model where clients receive the benefits of the temporary employment contract relationship, but also have the option to hire the temporary worker as a full-time employee after evaluating their performance. As with our temporary model, GPESR handles all administrative facets of the employment while the worker is in temporary status.  The client can secure the temporary workers’ services on a permanent basis and pay a preset fee to GPESR upon conversion to a full-time employee. 

GPESR has a competitive fee structure for its Temporary Placement services and rates are negotiable based on the particular needs of your company.  As with our Custom Permanent Placement service all candidates are fully screened for experience and professionalism.  We also check and provide professional references for all temp or temp-to-perm placements. The GPESR team carefully facilitates the hiring process by engaging in crucial tasks such as interview scheduling and coordination through all rounds, follow-up inquiries or questions for the candidate, professional reference checks, handling sensitive questions (e.g., a candidate’s views and status toward COVID-19 vaccination), offer negotiation and communications, and other factors.