Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Professionals

GreenPoint has developed a robust DEI Practice area that anticipates the need to create an inclusive environment where people are accepted and trust that they are part of the fabric of the organization. The tumultuous cultural climate and divisions between people are stronger than ever and the change begins with business leaders making a change. Law firms are very cognizant of this fact and are actively seeking to be the change that the market needs. Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (‘DEI’) professionals are becoming more valuable among leaders in the industry but at the same time, it is flooded with candidates who do not fully understand the practical mechanisms of the field. A DEI professional must be well-versed in the best practices in DEI, and also have an ‘off-the-page’ passion for the field. The passion must be accompanied by a strategic vision and action plan, which can be applied to a firm’s needs. By using networks of professional connections across the legal industry, the GPESR team is always poised to staff select roles such as: