Law Firm Management Professionals

Outside of the legal practice areas listed above, the GPESR team also assists with finding professionals who will be responsible for keeping your law firm running smoothly. Law firms are often staffed differently from each other, and management teams prefer organizational structures, which work best for their business objectives. In addition to providing organizational consultation services, GreenPoint Law & Compliance and the GPESR team understand all levels within an entity and how seniority subtly changes the mission of the prospective candidate. Like the businesses and people law firms represent, at the end of the day, a law firm is also a business. It requires in-house attorneys to oversee their own compliance and dedicated corporate officers who are responsible for keeping the engine running. As recruiters and stakeholders in the legal business sector, we understand the need for the ‘best’ in-house talent and the value it brings to an organization. We confidently assist legal practitioners across the following streams: