Litigation and Dispute Resolution

Litigation is both an art and a science. Litigators must be skilled orators with a holistic knowledge of several legal fields or comprehensive knowledge of a few practice areas. ‘Full service’ litigation is invaluable for a client but requires an orchestrated effort behind the scenes, both inside and outside the law firm. Massive court cases are no longer ‘paper heavy’; eDiscovery has in itself become its own practice area filled with contract attorneys, teams of document reviewers, paraprofessionals, and litigation support specialists who play an invaluable role for the final court date. Complex litigations and class action suits become so large that they require project analysts, project managers, senior project managers, and dedicated client relationship managers. The litigation ecosystem is massive and spans across different courts, tribunals, and governmental agencies. The only way for law firms to stand out in this arena is by employing stand out professionals with a proven track record in the battlegrounds where your clients require assistance. The GPESR team has experience in staffing a diverse selection of roles across the litigation and eDiscovery spectrum such as:
  • General Litigation Attorneys
  • Specialized Litigation Attorneys
  • Litigation Paralegals, Legal Assistants, and other support staff (General & Specialized)
  • Litigation Project Managers, Analysts, Assistants, and other support staff
  • Legal Project Managers, Analysts, Assistants, and other support staff
  • eDiscovery Project Managers, Analysts, Assistants, and other support staff
  • Document Review Attorneys, Project Managers, and other support staff
  • Litigation Support Specialists, Litigation Technology Project Managers, Data Scientists, and other technical support staff within the eDiscovery space
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution ‘ADR’ Attorneys and other support staff across the spectrum (Arbitration, Conciliation, Mediation, etc.)